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About Cedar Bay Contractors Ltd.

At Cedar Bay Contractors Ltd., our mission is to offer a higher quality, more satisfactory job at a competitive price by using skilled employees and quality materials, all under the direction of experienced management. Close personal attention will give you confidence knowing you’ll get a job well done with pleasing and lasting results.


Since humbly starting Lawlor’s Home Care in 1972, David J. Lawlor has spent his working career dedicated to the home improvement industry. 8 years of professional building inspection for HUD programs and completion of an Associate Degree in Architectural Technology have rounded out a hands-on working experience. As David himself puts it, “I’ve lived and worked the business from top to bottom and keep learning everyday.”

“We’ve always been an employee-driven company and utilize subcontractors for professional trades only (electrical, plumbing and heating).”


- Owner David J. Lawlor

Take advantage of our roofing, siding, windows and doors, and kitchen and bath remodeling services. Get a free estimate now.


  • Promptly returned calls and appointment scheduled with owner

  • Prompt turn-around with prepared detailed estimate

  • All phone calls and questions answered within 24 hours

What can you expect when you call Cedar Bay Contractors Ltd.?

  • Trained and mature employees who will execute your work promptly: There’s nothing worse than waiting around for your project to start. With our close customer relations, we’re able to work around your schedule in order to get you work done with the highest degree of efficiency and quality.

  • Employees with tools, knowledge, and experience: We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, and that’s what we’ve done and will continue to do.

  • Our own restroom facilities delivered: While we try hard to develop a close relationship to our customers, we understand that home remodeling can feel invasive. To help ease that apprehension, we make a point to rent our own portable restroom facilities. When you’re looking for a contractor, this is an important question to ask.

  • Prompt daily cleanup of tools, material, and debris: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and chances are your home remodeling project won’t be completed in a day, either. Cedar Bay Contractors Ltd. makes a point to leave your home as clean and appealing as possible. Even if the job isn’t finished, we’ll be sure to keep the “behind-the-scenes” tools and materials behind the scenes.

  • In most cases, no payment is required until work is fully completed: There are exceptions for larger jobs (over $10K, or those requiring special design, planning, or specialty products).

  • Complete punch list, closeout, and written warranty: We’re happy when you’re happy, and we know you’re not happy unless you can understand everything that’s been done and what you’re entitled to after we finally pack up. As much as we love our customers, we also love tying up those loose ends and closing the folder.

What can you expect when you hire Cedar Bay Contractors Ltd.?

Choose quality. Choose courtesy.

Incorporated in 1991, Cedar Bay Contractors Ltd. brings complete home improvement and remodeling services to the residential home market at a very personal level. All inspections and estimates are performed by owner and president David J. Lawlor. All work is performed by employees with a vested interest in providing you with expert services.


David believes that “without a foundation of long-standing employees, we wouldn’t be able to maintain our consistent level of quality, courtesy and service.” New York State is tough on employee-oriented businesses, but we keep management and overhead expenses to a minimum to be competitive.